Our Vision: Community Power

We are working for a sustainable future by producing renewable energy that invests in the future of our planet, for ourselves and for our children. We want to be a vehicle for our members to participate economically in the generation of renewable energy while being a model co-operative structure for the creation of a sustainable community.

Through the implementation of our pilot project, BCEC members will acquire the expertise and be able develop other successful solar energy projects. This growth will enable our members to invest in the energy sustainability of their whole community.

BCEC sees that community school roof tops are particularly well suited to locally based investments into shared solar energy projects. Besides the possibility for a viable return renewable energy projects on school rooftops provide a number of less tangible benefits including the reduction of carbon emissions.

Begin with School Rooftops

Although not limited to TDSB schools BCEC has a particular affinity with the Toronto School system. At the outset the focus of BCEC was on putting solar on school rooftops in the Beaches area of Toronto. The initial membership of BCEC were recruited through the school parent organization.

BCEC projects will provide a number of social benefits to the school system:

  1. Community engagement in the curriculum. BCEC began as an organization of parents and neighbours of Kew Beach School. They are parents and neighbours who are cognizant of the need to prepare children for climate change. They belong to the same community as the children in the school.
  2. Teach by example. BCEC is proposing that the roof top projects provide an example of a renewable energy project. BCEC has proposed that the TDSB’s compensation for the use of the roof be directed to the environmental office of the TDSB to create an even stronger link. BCEC will work with the TDSB to provide supplementary education on renewable energy.
  3. Maximizing the renewable energy potential of TDSB schools. The current larger school solar rooftop projects covers most of the larger (more) profitable schools rooftops in the board. This leaves many smaller schools excluded because of their small size. Using the BCEC community-based model these schools could still be utilized for solar power generation. The BCEC approach supports the TDSB strategic objective to: “Build environmentally sustainable schools that inspire teaching and learning.”