Feasibility study by Rotman School of Management highlights project’s potential

Our vison for a mixed use, zero emission development in Owen Sound continues to take shape. BCEC has been working closely with the Glassworks Steering committee, a locally based community group, to create a strategic framework for the development of the project. As a result of our discussions, we commissioned NeXus, a business school consulting group at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, to evaluate the market potential for such a development.

The consultant team at NeXus has now delivered its findings to our group. The report evaluates several types of land-uses based on their financial feasibility, management requirements, flexibility of space, community need and potential for renewable energy design in order to determine first, the ideal anchor land-use, and second, the greatest synergies with respect to each of the other possible uses for the purpose of designing a mixed-use space. The findings have been insightful and sharpened our focus.

The Glassworks Steering committee is now formalizing its structure so that it can take the lead on the property development and community engagement aspects of the project. This will enable BCEC to become a supporting partner, strategic advisor and ultimately provider of the development’s energy and waste management solution.