On Saturday morning, amid the sweet smells and ruckus of the local farmers’ market, we had the pleasure of chatting with dozens of Owen Sounders about the Glassworks project. The possibility of developing a neighbourhood with sustainability, affordability and community for seniors, students, families and entrepreneurs designed right into the infrastructure of the site incited such interest we got reprimanded for blocking access to the fish stand!

Owen Sound resident and article author, Kelsey Carriere and her daughter, at the event

Most everyone welcomed such a thoughtful project with much anticipation, but particular excitement was garnered from the large population of artists and life-long entrepreneurs for whom, as retirement looms, are in many cases reconsidering their finances and living arrangements. This vision answered a life-long dream for many, and for others, like one woman who had preferred the solitude of country living for generations exclaimed: “This would make me move to Owen Sound.”

Our next public gathering will take place at Shorty’s Bar & Grill, February 28th 7-9pm for informal conversations about the project and an opportunity for Beach Community Energy Cooperative members from Owen Sound to teleconference in to the AGM.