Kew Beach School in the heart of the Beaches
The solar array on the roof of Kew Beach School, in the heart of the community

The Beach Community Energy Cooperative Inc. (BCEC) is a generator, seller and promoter of green energy based in the east end of Toronto.

We promote sustainable living by producing renewable energy that invests in the future of our planet, for ourselves and for our children.

Our mission is to provide our community members with opportunities to channel funds into investments in renewable energy projects located here in the east end of Toronto.

In 2009, a school sustainability subcommittee was formed by the Kew Beach School Council. The parent/staff subcommittee urged the school board to participate in a 2010 competition for a provincial grant for a new school roof, solar panels and other upgrades. Kew Beach won the grant and the first solar panels were installed in 2011.

The next step was to apply for the new feed in tariff (FIT) program to further reduce the green house gas impact of the school (shrink our carbon footprint). This required formalizing the sustainability subcommittee and the Beach Community Energy Cooperative (BCEC) was incorporated in 2012.

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