Solar PV installation at Kew Beach Public School

Our Solar PV installation at Kew Beach Junior Public School

The Beach Community Energy Cooperative Inc. (BCEC) is a renewable energy cooperative based in the east end of Toronto.

We promote sustainable living by producing renewable energy that invests in the future of our planet, for ourselves and for our children.

Our mission is to provide our community members with opportunities to channel funds into investments in renewable energy projects located here in the east end of Toronto.

In 2009, a school sustainability subcommittee was formed by the Kew Beach School Council. The parent/staff subcommittee urged the school board to participate in a 2010 competition for a provincial grant for a new school roof, solar panels and other upgrades. Kew Beach won the grant and the first solar panels were installed in 2011.

The next step was to apply for the new feed in tariff (FIT) program to further reduce the green house gas impact of the school (shrink our carbon footprint). This required formalizing the sustainability subcommittee and the Beach Community Energy Cooperative (BCEC) was incorporated in 2012.

We urge you to divest from insecure unsustainable carbon stock.  Invest in your community and receive a healthy return you can depend on. Whereas carbon investment is a danger to the planet, BCEC share income is dependent only on the sun continuing to shine.

The Latest News

AGM date set

Once again BCEC has set an AGM date!!
Come to our Beach United church extravaganza on December 7 at 7pm.
Great speakers and good food and…

Suzuki Foundation Site visit today

We had a great visit with Gideon and Emily from the Suzuki Foundation today. We spent 20 minutes on the roof and then 15 minutes with the School Principal and an Eco teacher. Kew Beach has Eco Gold status now and the students are waiting for the connection of the TV screen on the ground floor so that they can see the performance of the roof top solar panels.

Kew Beach School Solar Launch

Saturday, September 10, — Bullfrog Power,  and Beach Community Energy Co-operative (BCEC) are launching a new solar project on the roof of Kew Beach Junior Public School in Toronto’s The Beach neighbourhood. A launch event will take place from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm at the school in conjunction with Green Energy Doors Open, a province-wide showcase of sustainable energy projects organized by the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association.

“BCEC is proud to be working with Bullfrog Power to develop a new renewable energy project that invests in the future of the planet, our community and our children,” said Art Blomme, President, BCEC. “The co-op’s participation in the Kew Beach Junior Public School solar installation makes it possible for residents of The Beach neighbourhood to invest in green energy for our community.”

The project – BCEC’s first – is a community-owned solar rooftop array at Kew Beach Public School. Solar panels mounted on the roof of the school will create a 225-panel, 72 kW installation that, in combination with the school’s existing solar installation, will generate and inject in the local grid the equivalent to one third of the school’s annual electricity use. That electricity will be sold back to the grid with a portion of the funds being used to support green initiatives. These initiatives will include eco-activities within the school and community in order to fulfill its project’s unique educational and service mission.

“The Beach neighbourhood is home to some of Bullfrog Power’s longest-standing and most committed supporters, which is why we are extremely proud to be working with BCEC on this community solar project,” said Ron Seftel, CEO, Bullfrog Power. “Our customers are helping us to change Canada’s energy landscape, one project at a time. To date, we’ve supported dozens of community projects and each is an inspiring example of how individuals can have a real and lasting impact on how our energy is generated.”

Bullfrog Power, through its community renewable projects program, has supported more than 70 green energy projects across Canada. Additional Bullfrog Power community projects in the GTA include the Goodmark solar installation with SolarShare and North America’s first zoo-biogas plant at the Toronto Zoo. For more information, visit bullfrogpower.com/projects.

June 9 set for AGM

The BCEC Inc. annual meeting has been set for June 9 at 7 pm.

Please contact the BCEC Secretary if you wish to come.

We have a small room and seating is limited.